Banned names around the world

Believe it or not, there are some countries where the simplest of names are banned.

Hebrew names

Names such as Sarah would be banned in Morocco as spelling Sarah with an ‘h’ makes it a Hebrew name. However, spelling it without the ‘h’, i.e. Sara is perfectly acceptable

Surnames as first names

Germany do not allow the use of surnames as first names, therefore names such as Taylor, Kennedy or Anderson are out.

Names of objects or products

Deriving a name from an object or a product is another no-no in Germany, so naming your child after a fat burning pill like Phen is not acceptable, nor is a name like Ceiling.

Gender neutral names

Germany only allow names that are gender specific. Names have to be given that identify if it’s a male or female child. Therefore, Quinn, Riley, Shannon Ashley are names you can’t use.

Animal, fruit and vegetable names

Malaysia bans the use of animal, fruit or vegetables as names, therefore Apple, Peach, Bear, and Pumpkin are not to be used.

There are plenty of other countries that have specific rules on what names people can and can’t be given. The decision on what is and isn’t acceptable are varied, some for religious reasons, others to make it easier for the gender to be identified and others, so the child is prevented the agony of being teased all through life.

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